Downfall is great, but... :)

Dear Sloclap Team,

start with the nice things and this are for sure the dungeons, bosses, the artwork of the areas (stunning) and the new style is more as welcome.

Thanks a lot for this! :)

Now to a few, lets say "issuses" what i have recently after the patch.

-I play stagger only now for over 700 hours, so i lean myself now far out of the window and say that i understand kinda timing, moves etc how they work.
But something is feeling "wrong". Its kinda to slow or "stucking" in the movements. :/ it "feels" like 100 ms extra.

(Living in Germany, Berlin)

- Crushing Palm doesnt work right. The range is to short (max. 2m not more, normally 3,6 m) and the hits are to unconsistent weirdlywise. Maybe someone else had this exp. too :/


So far thanks again and hopefully there is a explanation :) *bow*


  • Hi buddy,
    even so i love the update in general with all it features, and i think stagger isnt weaker cause of the reliable stamina regeneration we have now, i noticed that the stagger dodges are extremly clunky somehow.
    Earthquake into Jumped out elbow is a combo where you can really feel the difference.
    Before downfall i could just sidedodge the joe after the eq, now its impossible. And sclp said they didnt buff earthquake. Although both back and sidestagger dodges are more easiely tracked it seems. In return the hits of stagger evasive attacks seem more reliable.

    Stagger has gotten alot of changes and id love the actual list of changes from sloclap.
  • Here a small "update" :)

    After rearranging the timing a bit, i must say it is better. Simply as that :)

    Thanks Sloclap and have a good one ^^
  • Basically after a ton of testing I've determined (without data mind you, just player experience) that all avoids must be triggered after your opponent begins their attack startup or the attack will not be avoided.
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