As the category.

- Expasion of main area like frozen mountain, I think with this art style can be very beautiful to fight on snowy clifs (+ new skill kind of 1/2 s frozen stun)
- In game chat - it's horror to find somebody to party unless you play with friend but also group is everytime destroying by death or accidently hitting your teammate
- Hammers or some heavy weapons - we have cut dmg/ anty cut weapons but mabe some little stunning weapons (slow but powerful) also on this moment gauntlets are useless, in my opinion swords do better job
- Main lobby - to quit game I must first go to lobby than log in again and than I can quit / add some windows quit / as well every time I quit i get Unreal Engine 4 crash report ( don't know why, I was practicing with U4 and it's very crushy so I don't blame you but it's wird)
- More options - like resolution / brightness / language / switching keybord-pad (I'm PC-Steam player) / serwer info ( ping / part of globe- NA/EU etc.)
- Some deadly area like for party or even alone - very hard enemies with a lot of loot / very risky very profitble
- Atributes on player ( dexterity / strongness etc.) - don't feel like they are doing something, I recast all skills few times adding even 20+ points in one atribute but don't saw any result - just work on it that they are worth spending points
- flying drop - just to fix
- ACTUALIZATION - add some auto-kick when you add patch, this should resolve many problems with disapiring equipment or any in-game problems
- Loot explain - maybe some more info in equipement like for example which part of set it is / how much part this set have
- Store - more equipment to buy or even list of items that you can buy or drop-only / on event-drop
- Party! - when I joined I JOINED A PARTY, when i wanted to quit party I QUIT, very anoying auto-destroying party after death/accidently hit on teammate which I mension earlier
- Story line - very short, plate, easy to do even for beginer in likely 2 hours / go for coop with some story writers or try to expanse on your own / style of game is much better than story for this moment / I know this game it's mostly PvP but most games gain on their magnificient story line which encoruage to enter it's world
- Dialogues - in story lines they are but not in normal game / NPC's are very wooden, it's very good if you feel when you talk with somebody not only rushing "F" button to skip the text
- notes with fixes /patches on main side - if game is not informing us about something - let the side do the job!
- Buy To Play version is very good system but some DEMO VERSION would be nice for people who wants to try this title ( FREE WEEKENDS are OK but they are events which are rarely )

For now it's all I can say for sugestions. For now very good job with this DOWNFALL UPDATE / beautifulf dungeons / Faejin style is also AWESOME really feels like you are Bruce Lee. Even would like to work with you but my experience is not big anyway

for you!


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