Texture settings: no more High settings?

I don't have a powerful video card so I always used High texture settings.
However after the Downfall update I noticed how blurry my character looked. Looks like High textures don't load, they remains on lower settings. To see something decently I have to use Ultra.
I don't know if the problem is just mine, but here's a screenshot.
Notice the difference mainly on the character's trousers and the ground. Previously my "High" texture settings wasn't looking like this.


  • Hey Acejenderd,

    Thanks for letting us know about this issue. Can you answer some additional questions to clear thing up, please?

    - Which platform you're using playing the game (Steam/GoG)?
    - Which video card do you have?
    - When did it happen the first time?
    - Do you have the latest video card drivers installed?
    - Have you tried checking file integrity and/or reinstalling the game?

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.
  • -I use Steam
    -Ge Force GT 640 (I know, very old)
    -Right after updating to Downfall
    -I should check if they are the latest, but I updated them 1 month ago or so.
    -Not yet. Good idea.

    Thank you!
  • Hello! I just made an account to post this, I just got the game myself from a friend who wants me to play with him and I'm really enjoying the game so far. But I also noticed I had this issue as well.

    - I use Steam
    - GeForce GTX 750
    - Right when I started my game, which would be the Downfall patch.
    - I just updated it today.
    - I did, all files were there and I also did a fresh reinstall and nothing changed.

    I appreciate you responding to this forum. Hopefully this issue doesn't persist too long. I don't need glasses just yet xD Have a good day.
  • Hey Acejenderd, thanks for your answers!

    Crofthart, thanks for your report!

    All details you have sent were passed along to the dev team for further investigation. In the meantime, if there are any other details you can share with us about the bug that would be very helpful.

    Thank you so much for your patience and continued support.
  • Hi, I just bought the game today and first of all I have to say i'm enjoying it very much! I am having the same issue. Using Ultra textures settings still makes the character look blurry.

    - I use Steam aswell
    - GeForce GTX 860M
    - Happened since I started the game
    - Drivers are up to date
    - Reinstalled the game but the issue still remains

    Thanks in advance and have a good day
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