Tear Chief Mask Disappeared

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I looted the tear chief mask from a cairn in the Raslan Colosseum. I switched the game into offline mode after a couple of combat trials since my internet was giving me trouble, and when I went back into the game I found that, although my character still had the mask equipped on their model, it wasn't in the inventory, and instead indicated I was equipped with the Silly Face Mask. When I clicked the mask, it equipped me with that one instead. The cairn I found the mask in is now open, so I can't ever get it again. Is there any way around this?

This was in the Steam version of the game, around 1:00-1:30 a.m. EST in the US. I have yet to try reinstalling the game since my internet is slow. Validating the integrity of the files seems to have shown nothing wrong.

EDIT: It's looking like several items disappeared, which I'd gotten from those rift lootbox things, and several items I'd turned into shards are now back. So, my guess is that several things got rolled back in that period, but that still leaves me without any way to reacquire that mask.


  • I went ahead and reinstalled the game. As I expected, this also had no change.
  • Hi Mene,

    I'm very sorry to hear about this issue. I have passed along all your information to the dev team for further investigation.

    If you have any insight or additional detail details, do not hesitate to send us an email at support_pc@sloclap.com

    We're really sorry about those and are working on fixing them as soon as possible. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and please accept our apologies for the trouble this problem is causing you.
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    I did some testing, after reading a few other threads about how people lost absurd amounts of progress. As a reminder, this is after I both checked the integrity of the files and reinstalled the game.

    I went into my inventory, salvaged my Essence Miner Cape, and gained 30 fragments. Then I exited the character, came back in, and found the Essence Miner Cape still in my inventory along with the extra 30 fragments. So, it'd be a pretty unfair exploit if not for the fact that anything you bought with those fragments would also disappear.

    https://imgur.com/a/KDf4oNO Here's some screenshots of the process, not that I imagine they help much.

    So, whatever this is that has hit us there's no real way out of it. There is no way to gain or lose items you had before the bug, but the results of the process of gaining or losing them will still be saved (open cairns, gained fragments, etc).
  • Hey there,

    good you mention this Mene. I got exactly the same problem here :(. Sadly this is very unsatisfying seeing all my gathered or bought items disappear. i hope it will be fixed soon so i can continue playing a otherwise good game :).
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    My only guess is that it's an issue with how the game saves, since other people have said it happens regardless if they're online or off.
  • I have actually same problem i bought 2 new masks with cost of 7000 shards and when i logged out i lost and shards and masks
  • It was masks of first downfall boss and then when I opened a fold disk i looted owl mask and what do you think I lost it,this confused me but not "killed" interest to the game :)
  • The bug seems to have been hotfixed. I noticed a small patch downloaded to Absolver, went in, and tried to recycle my essence miner cape again. I've restarted the program, logged in and out a few times, and all the changes seem to have stuck.

    ...The cairn where I found the Tear Chief Mask is still empty, though, and it hasn't been restored to my inventory, so that's kind of a drag. Still, at least I can conceivably play the game now.
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