Drunken Forsaken Style

Hi fellow Absolvers,
after alot of training (+600hours) and alot of recent fighting with top-tier Absolvers i now promote my school and my best deck for stagger(until the new update). I dont recommend my decks for Forsaken players but for everyone else espacially stagger.

School id: #IWD (i want donuts)

If any of you like to learn this deck and could need some help along the way, feel free to add me on steam. I got time at evenings and weekends.

Stagger deck:

School deck:

How the decks are supposed to be used:

1.: Use both your defensive ability and the parries to both sides from the deck.
-parry&strike parrys to the left
-twist parry and strike parryy to the right
-The parry moves should be used against obvious repeating moves and moves that usually get feinted. They are your counter
against feints that would leave you open for a free hit but not anymore :smile:

2.:Obvious counters:
-i included counters to everything, dont abuse them to much or itll get to ovbious
2.1 jumped out elbow starter (against khalt, charge, low attacks and defensive players in general) feint it into P&S from time to time
2.2 tripped kick (to follow up opponents that are jumping away or to engage in general, although a good counter to straves)
2.3 back fist (vs low range attack, straves and slow attacks)
2.4 liver knee (start it early to counter ducking or jumping attacks, it had although high range and leads into tripped kick )
2.5 P&S (vs slow attack or as follow up after a feint)
2.6 Spinning High Kick ! (my signature move!. counters straves when started early enough, it is very good to use after you hit
with the stagger ability)

3.: Combos:
top right -primary engage combo
the combo is good against agressive players, but you need to mix it up with secondary attack when they dodge

top left -good aganst all type of thrusts, but body blow is obvious so you have to feint it sometimes.

bottom left -twist parry and strike to counter hits from the right or to counter sidedodges
flute swing has a very nice feint, used it to follow with curled up uppercut or go for liver knee in the first place

bottom right -good mid range engage with a very fast guard break, feint the guard break into underknee kick against side dodgers
or wait a bit after the back fist, than use the liver knee to hit straves.

I only scratched the mechanics here. For more information like "how do i counter spammers of each type?" or "what can i do against forsaken players ?" ask me directly :wink:
Thanks for reading.

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