Boot Camp School {HIK} [PC]

Mentor: Soldier's Fortune
Platform: PC
Style: Kahlt
School ID: HIK

To teach new players a few essential moves that they can incorporate into future decks of their own, as well as demonstrate basic offensive/defensive structure.

Use of the Boot Camp Hand to Hand deck is designed so that the forward-facing stances are offensive while the backward-facing stances are defensive. The forward stances have a quick attack followed by a sweep and then a breaker attack. The backward stances have a parry-strike combo followed by a charged attack and finally a long-range attack. All alternate attacks are dodge-based.

The Sword deck follows a similar philosophy with the forward-facing stances and rear-facing stances. Both types of parry-strike are again used as opening defensive moves. Emphasis is placed on opening with a quick strike, building momentum with a solid sweep, and finishing with a strong blade attack.

How to Join:
If you are new to the game, first leave the Guidance Bridge and head to Central Harbor. Once there, there will be a building on the left (away from the water) with an open wooden doorway up a flight of stairs. This will take you to the Oratian Quarter. There you will need to find an unmasked NPC who will tell you about Schools and let you search for one to join. Use the code "HIK" when it asks you for the school ID number.


  • Mentor: Soldier's Fortune

    Use the code "HIK" when it asks you for the school ID number.

    It has been awhile since I've been on. For some reason, the school ID number changed with the school update. Now if you are looking to join you have to enter "21073" as that is the new school ID.

    I've also included a new War Glove deck focusing on heavy damage, some improved ability selection more appropriate for dueling, and I've updated the default available mask.

    Sorry for any confusion.
    The school is currently in a state of transition.

    My brother and I have decided to try to focus more on the Downfall dungeon mode and are attempting to make the school more PvE oriented.

    I also found the old Hand-to-Hand and Sword decks to be inadequate, so I am reworking the to be more flexible and deadly. Will update when I find the time and explain how to use the new decks.
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