How to Throw!

Throws are mentioned in quite alot discussions and suggestions and id personally love to use them in absolver.

So lets talk about wich way to implement throws would be the best!
Here are my initial thoughts ranked from 1 (noice) to 4(nah) on how throws could work.:

1.:The parry throw.
Simular to P&S or twist P&S. This version
would require you to parry an attack in order to start the throw. A difference to P&S would be that there wont be a hit without the parry in the first place.
This version would be difficult to execute but highly rewarding.
There could be parry throw for all kinds of attacks like, thrusts in general, ofc left and right attacks or one for kick one for strikes.

2.: The guard break throw.
Simular to Tekken there could be a close range guard breaking throw thats deals damage on its own.
That throw wouldnt work on an attacking enemie and could be countered by something like a backdash at the right time.

3.: essence throw.
Throws could be an alternative for spells that use loaded shards. The difference would be that they can be implemented into combos like the stagger ability, instead of interrupting the fight like earthquake , shockwave, gravity and so on.
Although they could be dodged and/or countered.

4.: standart throw.
This version woukd just be a standard attack , the only difference would be a short throw animation when it hits.Those would more likely be something like a push or pull with a knee- or footlock.

Anyway, however the Throws would be implemented, i would suggest to make throws for every style and make them strong enough to be viable but not strong enoguh to be necessary. Just like twist parry and strike. TP&S is a nice move x).

Ok thx for reading.
Pls all throw you thoughts about throws right beneath this post. :wink:


  • Hello methamos,

    Thank you for the detailed suggestion about adding throws and your vision on how to implement it. We can't promise that throws will be added to the game, though we appreciate your detailed suggestion. Feel free to add more details and discuss it with other players. Thanks for being the active participant of the community!
  • 2'nd and 4'th for me are impossible to initiate, but 1'st one is interesting idea but not like standard attack that can be placed in combat deck, but as defensive ability, now we have stagger that dodge attack and punish enemy, throw should look like combination of forsaken and stagger def. Ability, you try to predict direction of enemy attack, (right, left) and in reward distract enemy, by changing his stance and perform small punch (like kick in leg to disturb his stance, enemy animation should look like combination of getting hit and stance changing)

    3'th one is.. unnecesary, throw as a power that can be use in the same line with schockwave and earthquake will be... worse.. and also: these 2 have already elements of good throw: schockwave have pushing element, and earthquake have distracting element.
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    oh y as a defensive ability, that would although be a cool version
  • As a student of aikido, I would love to see throws in the game as well, especially ones that look like you are using your opponent's strength against them.

    I like how you covered the different ways throws could be implemented, and the parry throw indeed sounds noice. For the high-risk aspect, maybe have a failed throw leave you open for longer than a failed Forsaken parry or Windfall dodge? And/or take more damage when hit in a failed state? For the high-reward, maybe have the throws do more damage than the stagger moves? Also for the last bit of the parry throw section, do you mean there should be different throws each with their own unique stats such as damage and execution timing, or do you mean have throws that counter each attack type but have the same stats?

    Here are some of my own thoughts and ideas for throws:

    1. Make throws exclusive to its own combat style
    I agree with Alkadias here. Although having throws available for every style definitely sounds fun, like adding more deck diversity and maybe having different types of throws based on style (Windfall throws could be elegant and focused on distancing, while Khalt throws could be rough and focused on damage), having an exclusive combat style for them makes more sense for me.

    Throws usually end with your opponent on the ground or a good distance away from you after an ukemi. For throws that end with your opponent right next to you, I think it would look awkward to have to wait for them to get back up to continue your combo. For throws that end with your opponent far from you, I don't think a lot of moves would be able to follow up, even the ones with decent range. And if nothing happens on a failed attempt, they could be pretty underwhelming as part of a move string. In conclusion, if throws are added as individual moves available to all styles, I think they would end up being too disruptive for the player using them.

    2. Throw Inputs
    Some ways they could work:
    a. Stance-based
    So if an attack is coming from the left, you would have to be in a left stance (front or back). From there, push the right stick (PS4) to the left to perform the throw. Or to make it a bit more complex, you would have to be in the opposite stance (right stance for attacks coming from the left). Right stick input could also be in the opposite direction of the attack, in which case an attack from the left would be thrown by pushing the right stick to the right.

    I think the stance mechanic is a very important aspect of this game, as it sets it apart from other games. All of the current styles are centered around the direction of the incoming attack, so it would be nice to see new styles incorporate stances like Faejin. Stance-based would also help throws be more high-risk since you would have to take more things into account, and it would also limit the situations in which throws could be used.

    b. Attack-based
    Basically what you said in the last bit of the parry throw section. Here are some details I would like to add:
    -For thrusts, back on the right stick to throw
    -For horizontal left, right on the right stick
    -For horizontal right, left on the right stick

    For the horizontals, right stick input could be in the same direction, but having it be opposite here is meant to simulate the adding of your own energy on top of your opponent's. The attack is coming from the left, but it is headed to the right. By adding your own energy in the same direction (right), you are utilizing your opponent's energy instead of clashing with it.

    c. More Input Diversity
    Inputs like quarter, half and full circles on the right stick might be an interesting way to raise the execution difficulty of throws. What type of input is needed for the throw could be determined by the stats of the incoming attack, such as damage, stamina drain and impact, or by an average value of the three. So something like quarter for low value attacks like tripped kick or jab punch, half for attacks like side kick or meia lua and full for charging or breaking attacks. Holding the stick down for a certain duration is another idea, like 1 second for low value and 2 seconds for medium value.

    This might work better as the second step of a two-step system, the first step being a parry similar to Forsaken. The difference of course being the greater recovery and increased damage taken on a failed attempt.

    3. Distancing
    Have the throw put good distance between players (maybe the same or a bit more than shockwave?)

    With this comes the risk of throws acting like shard-free shockwaves that do damage, but hopefully this can be countered by
    -no stamina recovery like stagger
    -execution difficulty
    -feints, as failed attempts will make you take more damage and put you in a long recovery state

    Throwing your opponent further the lighter their weight would also be pretty cool.

    These are my thoughts on throws. The ideas for 1 and 2 could be used independently, or combined in any way to create varying degrees of execution difficulty. I haven't read any throw posts besides this one, so sorry if these ideas have already been thrown around. Hope this wasn't too long or too confusing!
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