Parry and Strike needs a nerf.

Mainly due to the fact that it is WAY too safe. How the hell does it block high, medium AND low??? Horizontally AND vertically? Sorry. That needs a nerf. Give the punch a SLIGHT nerf in speed (cuz it is honestly a little too fast) and either make it block horizontal mid and high only or just high attacks. Cuz right now it’s ridiculously safe. Fought a dude that would just block for days, get into the stance, and then abuse it. Sweeps didn’t work against it either. Slowing down my timing made me get hit. Feint? Got hit anyway. Why should I have to break my momentum just becuase someone MIGHT throw outs this ultra safe move? Nerf it so it’s balanced. Or nerf into the ground. I really don’t care cuz this move is actually pretty oppressive
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