Ok.. The grammar lol

I’m gonn be that guy, sorry. But your team might need an editor for all the English you’ve put into the game. I see a lot of grammatical errors that can easily be fixed. And honestly, I would absolutely love to do it for free. Obviously I know that probably won’t be the case because you don’t know me.

Of course, the game isn’t in dire need of this. Every piece of text can be understood well enough by any native English speaker. It’s just a little weird in certain instances is all. Like the description of every style’s defensive abilities slightly confused me until I tried them out for myself. Another case would be the name of certain moves like “Jumped” light kick. When it should be “Jumping” or could just be “Jump” light kick. Those are just a few examples as I’m not in front of the game at the moment.

But like I said, this isn’t a huge deal breaker or anything. Just a small suggestion that makes the game just a little bit better. Not gameplay-wise but for the sake of lore, and mostly just for clarity
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