Co-op lock [friendly fire does not break party]

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I think once one has decided to group together, you have agreed to not turn on the other spontaneously.
I love how friendly fire in this game works and think it adds a good amount of realism, but I've spent so much time disbanding and regrouping with my friends where there have been very few times when we've genuinely meant to attack one another (in that case, the attacked person can quickly choose to be in combat with the person and therefore disband the group).


  • At the risk of sounding like an ass, just learn to position yourself and the range of your attacks. I mean I hardly ever hit my teammates i. 3v3 because I’m careful with using my attacks (I usually support them with the hammer kicks to drain our opponents stamina quicker) Intead of spamming random attacks and hurting your teammates.

    But I’ll put a disclaimer here. I don’t actually party up with people in the open world area, so i don’t know how easily you can break co-op (although I’m pretty sure it’s after a few hits)
  • I'm talking about open-world exclusively and going around farming mobs as 3 is a pain for the very reason that you want to just kick around and then suddenly you're targeting your friend instead of foe.
    It's not a case of "be better" as the current mechanic is a hindrance to gameplay and should not have to be something to "gitgud" about.
    This is not a problem in 3v3 for the obvious reason that your parties are locked and because you should never be clumped up as 3 and randomly thwacking whatever is in front of you.
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