Transferring save data cross platform?

Ok so as I’m sure many PlayStation gamers can relate my friends don’t have a PS4 and are pretty much pc only players, however I love Absolver on PS4 and I’ve spent hours in the game so when I saw it went on sale in Steam I took the chance to urge some of my pc friends to buy it and so did I. The only thing is I’ve spent a lot of time playing this game and developing my combat deck on PS4 so to avoid wasting a lot of time just rehashing what I’ve already done I was wondering if there was a way to transfer my save data/combat deck from PS4 to pc and if not would it be possible to see this as a future feature in the game. Like say for instance maybe not full cross-platform play just cross-platform schools. Any way I can transfer my combat deck with having to spend like 3 years learning all my moves again. Thanks for your time.


  • Hello everyany,

    Thanks for your interest in the game, your question and suggestion.

    As for transferring saves from PS4 to PC, PS4 saves should all be encrypted by Sony using a key unique to each user and this would prevent transfer to any other platform.

    As for cross-platform play, even in a limited mode, like cross-platform schools, we don't currently have plans for this, but it may happen at some point! We'll keep you updated if it does.

    Thank you for being an active player and your desire to invite your friends to the game!
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