Dynamic Story Mode Idea (Long Term Development)

I would love to have the ability to form parties of up to three players that can then go on raids into the "folded dimension". It is implied that the forces of this world are recruiting Absolvers to combat some unknown threat that ended the old world. I would assume this threat is somehow related to the mystical abilities that the prospects wield.

Similar to how the game Spiral Knights has "the Clockworks" (a procedurally generated level system), Absolver could have the Folded Dimension; a place of bizarre and frighteningly twisted pieces of reality that have been perversely formed in physics-defying ways. Think Inception meets Dark Souls. Because the Folded Dimension would not have to make perfect sense as it is a nightmare landscape, it could be possible to use some form of procedural generation using different pre-made building blocks. Or the Folded Dimension could simply be a twisted nightmare version of one of the familiar cityscapes?

Anyway, the idea is that the city is going to fall into the Folded Dimension unless something is done to stop the process. Absolvers have to venture into the instances of the Folded Dimension and fight their way through lost prospects and acolytes to the Anchor (an essence infused item that is stabilizing the particular instance) and destroy or collect it in order to close the rift threatening to swallow a particular area. If a rift forms and nothing is done, that area of the city is falls and becomes a twisted nightmare version of itself which is much more dangerous and inhabited by folded shades (some kind of nasty creepy crawly enemy). The lost section of the city can be redeemed, but players must defeat a special boss which is a more powerful and twisted version of the local marked ones.

It's late, and this is a lot of very odd rambling. Please comment with additional suggestions or critiques to this idea.

I would also love to see two factions develop.
Loyalists: those who supported the late King and decry his murder at the hands of Risryn.
Abolitionists: those who support the overthrow of the late King and follow the lead of Risryn.

Again, I probably should just go to bed at this point, but I'm hoping something here is exciting to others and sparks creative genius. Feel free to take and modify to your heart's content.


  • Hi soldiers_fortune,

    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us and community. It is always interesting to read your thoughts about ex[anding Absolver's world. Though we can't promise that it would be added to the game, it would be nice to know more thoughts and feedback on this idea. Thanks!
  • sounds very cool to me. nice ideas!
  • Now that it is morning, I'm beginning to realize how much this idea sounds like a combination of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. Not that it's a bad thing, it just doesn't seem as... unique as Absolver deserves. That and my idea about civil war factions sounds like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Please allow me to refine these ideas. [Turn on Hans Zimmer's Planet Earth II Suite now for full effect. :smiley: ]

    This game reminds me of a Star Trek novel I read and absolutely loved called simply Masks, which has given me another thought.

    Contest of Kings:
    We see Risryn dispatch someone wearing a golden mask (presumably the Emperor or someone supposing themselves to be the new Emperor). So what if the entire point of the combat trials is to determine who is worthy to be the next Emperor of Adal? If you are lucky enough to reach the #1 position on the leaderboard, you are awarded with exclusive unique temporary items 'The Emperor Mask' and 'The Emperor Robes' which lasts for 1 month before it becomes contestable again. There could even be a unique choosing ceremony (potential e-sport?) where the most promising Absolvers gather to determine who will be the next Emperor. As a reward for winning, the player who wins the mask could also work with the game developers to design a new combat move or a new cosmetic equipment item. Winning the Emperor-ship also grants the player's faction with a unique Essence income bonus for the month.

    The Choosing Ceremony:
    For the contest itself, it could be a tournament at the end of the month at the top of the Tower of Adal. You can enter the contest as a participant or a spectator. As a participant, you must be at least top 10% of the leaderboard. As a spectator, your avatar takes a seat on the edge of the arena to watch the matches. As the fights happen in rounds of 3, spectators can choose to spend their influence points on a particular contestant. If a contestant is popular enough with the spectators and earns enough influence points, he/she can gain an extra life while in the ring. Spectators can also choose to spend their influence points to vote for their preferred matchup and set up epic duels between their favorite contestants.

    For the Factions idea:
    Have the player's Origin actually matter. The player's faction is linked to their Origin and each faction is vying for the influence of placing one of their own on the Throne at the top of the Tower of Adal. Dueling members of other factions in combat trials provides an additional bonus of influence points which can then be spent during the Choosing Ceremony to vote for contestants.

    The Folded Dimension:
    Overusing the Essence within Tension Shards can have negative effects on the weak or those who are not prepared sufficiently. The Lost Prospects are an example of this, their bodies and minds not being entirely their own anymore. Something sinister lurks beneath the Tower within the Dimensions of the Fold, quietly feeding on the Essence and the souls of those who stray too far into the Fold. As it feeds, the dark force changes the Essence into black obsidian Formless crystals which resonate within the Fold. If the dark force converts enough Essence into these crystals, the barrier between the two dimensions will collapse and all within the city will be lost. Players must form up into parties of 3 or less and venture into Folded Rifts which will appear in various locations around the city and fight through waves of the souless Lost Adepts to reach the crystal formations and break them apart. Players are then transported back to the normal world and gain the unique crystal resource which can be used to... buy things? Craft gear? Infuse Folded energy into gear? Who knows. That's about as far as I can go right now.
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