Pressure Relief moves?

I’m trying to find 2-3 good Pressure Relief kata, the type that moves me away from the enemy or shoves them away from me. I can think of the Handstand Kick off the top of my head, but I’ve still not memorized all the moves yet.


  • handstand kick is realy good for that my ranking for moves that create distance would be

    5.pulmonary palm
    3. furious uppercut
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    Bro, thank you!

    On a related note...
    any suggestions on my kick deck? (I’m still missing 1 or 2 kicks) ((yes, I have fallen prey to the kick hype))
  • Mawashi — Scissor Kick — PBK (Alt) Meia Lua
    WBK — Low Spin Heel — Front Sweep (Alt) Handstand Kick
    Back Tripped Kick — Side Kick (Alt) Axe Kick
    Uramawashi — JLK — Dwit Chagi (Alt) Jumped Spin Kick
  • I’m trying to alternate between regular kicks, dodge kicks, and shield/charge breaks so that my normal run counters a good deal of my opponent’s attacks.

    I know it sucks, but I can’t for the life of me do anything but make it worse...
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    I love deck building and helped some players build their deck or ive build a deck for their playstyle. That way I can build in alot mechanics that would take long to explain.

    If you want me to build a deck for you, just send me:

    -Your class (forsaken and so on)
    -a list of all the moves you definitely wanne keep
    -a list of moves you definitely DONT want to have
    -a short description to your unique playstyle
    -your prefered armor type

    Otherwise I can just help you with your current deck ofc but even than id definitely need to know your class
  • Any help would be great, my deck probably needs to be completely scrapped anyway.

    - Forsaken
    - Kicks, specifically Handstand and WBK/Dwit Chagi
    - Non-kicks are out, I’m a kick hoe plus I am missing a ton of fist and elbow moves
    - I know I am not super aggressive, but I’ve still not gotten really good at memorizing opponent’s decks yet...
    - Light, but I could go Medium

    Thanks again!
  • no problem.

    its in progress ;)
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    Here you go!

    0.:-1 forsaken parry attack (twist back kick) use that move immediatly after a parry for over 100 secure damage
    1.:-2 main engages dwit chagi and tripped kick for insane range
    2.:-2 guard breaks, one as a starter [[against khalt players]]
    3.:-2 main disengages mawashi and handstand kick
    4.:-1 fast combo (top left)
    5.:-1 heavy combo(top right)
    6.:-alternative routes that complement the combos in
    6.1- sweeps and mids (in every part of the deck you can choose between 2 moves that come next.
    each of those counter several dodges. if one doesnt counter a dodge the other will)
    [[basically to fuck up windfall players]]
    6.2- speed mixups (youll almost always be able to keep your combo going if you want to)
    6.3- side mixups 6lefts 8 rights [[to confuse forsaken players.]]
    although you can most often choose from wich side youll attack with your combo and alternatives
    7.:-2 mid thrust starting move (liver knee and dwit chagi) [[that one counters the stagger backdodge completly]]
    8.: stopping moves and double hits against charge attacks
  • please tell me what you like and dont like about it
  • Sweet! I will try it out in a little while, taking care of chores atm. I’ll let you know by tomorrow how it feels!
  • Quick question...
    Where can I find the Twist Back Kick?
  • jhin mesca propably has it but if youre on pc you can just add me (same name) and ill teach it to you

  • I’ve got yours built (except for the Twist Back Kick till I find it), it’ll be what I use tonight, but I finished one of my own for the second deck with some of your ideas!
  • I play on PS4, my only pc is an old, dying mac mini
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    yo just keep in mind. one of the most important things is that your alternative attack complement your combo attack. for example after WBK you have back tripped kick or (alt) low spin heel. both can easily be countered by a jumping attack wich makes it almost impossible for you to use that combo against an experienced player
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    same goes for tripped kick - ankle stamp and pushed back kick - illusion twist kick can both be sidedodged

    its not to bad to have one or to of those leaks into a deck because you can just feint that move and go to the next. but keep in mind that its makes it less effecient

    ofc in the end you can make your deck like you want. that are just tipps to make it usefull against strong players
  • Ahhh, ok, I totally missed that, I thought I took care to eliminate that
  • How about now?

    - I made the fore-right trio potentially less predictable by making the Alt after Winged Back Kick the Axe Kick.
    - Because the Axe Kick Alt leads directly into my fast fore-left trio of the combo, it skips the Low Spin Heel and Drunk Kick, transitioning directly into the faster trio and speeding up the attack tempo by removing 2 whole steps.
    - The fore-left trio can be Altered at the first or second kata to give me space and access to the rear-right Liver Knee to launch me back to the fore-left.
    - The fore-left Alt gives me space that I can use for a lot of options like recollecting myself, using Shards, making a sure stance change, or launching back into the action with the high-range Liver Knee.
    - The rear-left combo is the big hitter, and I can access it from my main combo by using the Dwit Chagi after 3 of the 6 kata.

    Also: I am really liking the deck you built, but the fore-right trio gets dodged even on first or second sight, and if that’s the case, I’d rather the Axe Kick be the Alt. I’m also not fond of long combos, I’d rather have a main combo less than 7 kata, optimally less than 6. But it is really helping me understand deck building much better by seeing your reasonings as well as your critique of my deck!
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    first of all i wanne say i like that you put more effort in deck building and im sure you'll soon be a good deck builder.
    and you top left engage is pretty good :smile:

    although quite alot move hit from different directions wich is good.

    the holes i found are: first . dwit chagi and WBK both are mid thrusts of simular speed. second . spinning low heel and axe kick both are slow third . both thrusts second. both thrusts third. both hit high
    6.bottom-left first. both are very slow
    7.bottom-right first. both slow, both thrusts

    A little suggestion on how you can build your deck up with very few holes:
    1.start with the first move of each combo and choose what u like most.
    2.than find alternatives that complement those first moves
    3.choose the second move in each combo and look out wich alternative youd have.
    make sure you have the option to choose a normal or even fast move
    that u can choose a sweep or a move with very short feinting time so you can counter sidedodges with your next attack
    4.finde the third move with the same rules as for the second but additionaly find some ways to lead them into other good combos
  • Finally got all the kicks
  • I will once again reformat the deck using your advice, good sir!
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