Need help finding last move

Like the title says I'm down to one last unknown technique. It just shows a black box with a lock symbol but no name, comes right before Kitsuneo does anyone know what this move is and where I might find it?


  • do you have calbot? (the slap)
  • Yes, the only move I am missing comes right before Kitsuneo cut when you look it up under sword moves.
  • that would be tei-nami. actually not a rare move but if youre playing on pc and want it you can add me(same name) and ill teach it to you
  • Thanks for the info methamos! I'm on PS4 but now that I know the move i'm missing I think I'll be able to figure out where to farm it or maybe find someone or some school that can teach it to me.
  • NP :) its a windfall move so you might get it when you drop you sword to windfall npc's. im not 100% sure but risryn might have that one too
  • So it’s not tei nami that I’m missing. The row goes reverse hips slash, whirl slash, the blank space, kitsuneo cut. Tei nami is right below the blank. Any help figuring out what the missing move is would be much appreciated.
  • Found it. It was digging parry elbow. Thx
  • seems like you have them in another constellation on ps4
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