Fragment shop and salvaging items

As it stands the prices in the fragment shop for anything is so high that it makes it seem almost impossible for recent players to get all that cool gear that the fragment shop has to offer, i'm fully aware that its like that because it's gear we should have to earn, but it would be nice to get discount periods every now and then, or and increase in item drops form pvp and pve coupled with and increase in salvage value. Now this is just an idea, so i hope no one bites my head off.


  • Hello _6or6on6_,

    Thanks for your feedback about the cost of the Fragments and equipment in the Essence Shop. We understand your desire to get more gear in a shorter period of time, though we can't promise that your suggestions will be implemented in the game. Anyway, we are thankful for your feedback and ideas, do not hesitate to share them in the future!
  • Word. 7500 for my overtop was ridiculous. However, I’m just glad that my current outfit looks so slick and sexy lmao All the other clothing items look kind of mediocre to me so I won’t be going back to it any time soon
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