PS4 players unite?

Hey there, MrOmny here (pronounced mr. Omni)
I’m looking for some fellow absolvers to play with on ps4. Not many of my friends play this game and I’d like meet and play with some new people, especially with the new content soon to be released. Psn is MrOmny and you can add me if you like. Doesn’t matter what your rank is either

Feel free to use this post to meet fellow absolvers as well. Happy Absolving


  • Sounds good, I'll find you on there. By the way, the name clarification is helpful; my first thought was "Mitt Romney plays Absolver!?"
  • My posts aren’t showing on my phone so sorry if I create a duplicate
  • I’ll be on later today for anyone who sends me an invite.
  • Wonder if many of the absolvers even use the website forums
  • I was wondering if most of the Forum users PC based...all I have ran into on PS4 are redfaced propsects or gods in really neat gear.
  • PS4 user here

    send me message and we can spar sometime.
  • You know why don't you create a ps4 community for the forums? Make the only requirement to join it that you find it on these forums??? The community would show if their were active players playing the game at that moment etc?
  • PSN player, My friend convinced me to get Absolver then started playing exclusively No Gamer’s Sky. No game has hooked me like Bloodborne until Absolver. I wanna Git Gud. But I’ve no friends with which to play, and it gets... empty feeling...
    I’ll definitely consider your request, I’m Redbeardblondie on PSN also.
  • Yo, I’m LuxisAudron on PS4 and I’d LOVE to play with peeps in this game ^-^ Help me learn some more moves too! Lol
  • Thanks guys for the replies. Will be sending some friend requests today hopefully. Feel free to send me one if I haven’t gotten to you yet. MrOmny is my psn.
  • And Quixote, I think I’ve played against you before. Are you jade prestige?
  • edited August 2018
    no, not jade yet, still working my way thru bronze.

    I will try and get on later today; 6-8 PM Central time.
  • Diogovital add me I cans show you some big chats where the big ones are
  • Cool, will add you guys when I get home around 6 central time.
  • I’m also on PS4, and I can train every kick move. Only one other friend on PS4 has Absolver, and they’ve stopped playing it
  • Pretty sure I have all kick moves but Ill send you a request when I get home today redbeard.
  • There's no uniting. It will only be me.
  • we live in a soceity
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