Remove gui overlay

Hey SloClap!

Is there anyway we can get an option to remove the overlay gui get a nice clean view while we play the game?

Or at least an optional move health bar and stamina bar to the very top of the screen.

This would enable a very cinematic game play style and give a new difficulty to more advanced players allowing us to further challenge ourselves with minimal changes to the game.

Love this game have been enjoying it emmensly.


  • Hello looted,

    Thanks for your suggestion about adding an option of HUD removal. We have already received similar wishes from other players. As for now, we can't promise that such option will be added to the game. Nevertheless, feel free to continue posting your thoughts and ideas, so that we know what else can make your game experience better.
  • i want this too, a good way to immerse this is with auto-options and custome healthbars for hud users to earn.
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