Game too easy to beat?

I still really suck at taking advantage of the mechanics, but I was able to beat the game in under 5 total hours when I first started. I’m not sure the progression is dialed in really well... And even though I beat the boss at the top of the tower, I stood no chance in pvp. I don’t know if there’s any way to make progression actually require more skill... Maybe training fights where everything is slowed down a bit, slowly increasing movement speed back to normal? I dunno.

(PS, I definitely don’t learn much when I get ganked by 4 npcs, I kinda just start going ham so I survive and don’t lose learning progress... Maybe it takes too much to learn new moves, I just know I dread dying almost more than I desire learning the new katas...)


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    if you ask me there should be training masters at the top of the adalian tower after you fought rysrin, wich are strong npc's that require a certain fighting skill to beat. To close the gap between pve and pvp absolvers would have to be descent in:
    gold-linking and normal timing variations,
    dodging and using their defensive ability,
    estimating and using the range correctly,
    step cancelling,
    and countering several tactics like ducking spam,
    fast interrupts
    and charging moves,

    in order to beat those trainers.

    I would suggest that each of those trainers would have its own mask that you can only get by beating him.
    loot is always good xD

    maybe add some of those required skill lvl's to 6 trainers and add a 7th master against wich youll need all those skills at once.
  • Those all sound like reasonable, effective suggestions and I would love to see it happen, methamos!
  • :smile: if only sloclap had more time and money
  • I would def buy an expansion that included those things if they made it.
  • i think they wanne make all gameplay dlcs free to everyone . i bought more copys of the game for some of my friends to support sloclap so.
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