New art between loading screens.

I think that concept art for those two prospects/absolvers is cool and all, but I think it would be even cooler if you were to put more concept art between loading screens, or maybe like fanart if that is even possible. Just to spice up the loading screen a bit


  • Hello Hayderade,

    Thank you for your suggestion about adding more concept/fan art to the loading screens. We appreciate your cool idea, but can't promise that it will be implemented. Anyway, we appreciate your idea, so do not hesitate to share more thoughts and suggestion about Absolver.
  • yes this sounds very cool!
  • edited July 2018
    maybe sound additional music or ambient sound tracks for those and other modes to acompany the scenery of each transition, woods music to go with the woods loader? monkey sounds, birds, etc.

    seing that loading screens are a problem, i want to address a few things, i think that our playstation game icon as well as its features are a bit blande, there are no anymations or special features like there was in the Playstation 3, that would have some animations, or fighting, or video/music playing in the backround before launching the games, and also that when the game IS selected.

    so in essense those improvements would be crucial for ABSOLVER to be respected,
    the loading screen problems is that theres no practice mode or special puzzles or features to catch flies or do anything interesting, so much of the time is spent overlooking the same wallpaper of the woods that has no particular music ambientce, or lore enhancing, icant think of anything else, but i really care that the game is fun and diverse.
  • art alone won't suffice, i think smaller interective features, or puzzles to touch, as well as mantra/mudra voicings, bells or wooden blocks, that carry noise that should enhance the romantic aspects of art and loading besides less obvious stance change icons to be used, we can also develop the less useful emotes toggle and other screen features,

    soothing picture of a whiter background with a lotus dancing with bells and sound of petals galling, the player could meditate on them or interact as foreign characters and symbols spread on the side in inverted or multiple colors, picking them up could unlock some items and small tokens or coin before arriving inside the game or exchanged at one of the NPC.
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