this game is curiously ...FUN

I love the 'here there is no map go figure it out' aspect about the game. a huge fan of the fighting moves, I chose the Khalt style simply because it sounded cool.. absorb IS tough to get down but when you do, I feel it really works. The in-game player base community is surprisingly cool. Outside of a few douches that attack you on sight-those tend to get chased and beat-REPETIDLY-until they rage quit. I don't have a SS of my current deck but I'm growing mine, I'm using all 12 'slots' but wonder if less is better?

I started with a high absorb 60 and 'normal' speed 17 but I feel I love the fast mobility albeit I'm wearing less clothes but the game simply FEELS better when mobility is 'fast' . I've been watching lots of videos, reading posts.. I may start a Windfall avatar simply to see the difference in play styles. I've 'finished' the main story at level 26 or so, what do we do after this?


  • Just keep playing against other players really lol. Do that, learn more moves, expand and experiment with your combat deck and also wait for the new single player content coming next month :D
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