New areas/biomes

Hello dear developers of Absolver!

I've recently dowloaded the game, and I'm really enjoying it. There's just one thing I thought could make the game even better - the addition of new biomes.

I'm thinking that adding new major areas, where you'd have to fast travel to, where the weather and general surroundings would be nothing like the play-area we currently have. The cutscene in the beginning and ending of the story, where you're on a snowy mountain could be a great location.
Also a swampy area, a desert, or a rainforest would be really neat as well.

The expansion of the play-area would also allow even more playstyles to enter, which would be different for each place.

There could be new and harder bosses, so the more experienced players would get some challenging gameplay as well. It could be, so that when you hit a certain level you're allowed in a new area.

I know that such an update would be extremely large of scale, but way down the line, when the game has grown even bigger, such an update would be amazing.

I hope that you take this into consideration, since it would allow you to expand your game quite a lot.


  • Hi Lesanner,

    Thanks for your suggestion! We can't promise it will be implemented in the game the way you imagine it. Take a look at the news about upcoming Absolver Downfall Expansion Content, probably you will find there some elements you are requesting. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your ideas and thoughts, don't stop doing that. We like receiving feedbacks and suggestions!
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