New classes? (Snakes and The Force)

I have a couple ideas about some new classes to add to the game.

First a class focused on hit and run, with the special abilities to escape combat and slither away, for example pushing the right joystick forward makes you slide (possibly like a snake) towards your enemy, pushing it back makes you slither away, and pushing it side to side moves you horizontaly. However all of these action would burn loads of stamina that could only be (partially) recovered by hitting the enemy, effectivelly forcing the player to calculate his/her moves because it would mean that in retreating, it would be impossible to regain the stamina lost since you would be too far from the enemy.
I'm thinking this could make for some interesting gameplay and maybe help when dealing with really fast spammers.

Secondly, a class more focused on something like inner force (which admitedly, a lot of people have suggested) with the ability to push people around. To make sure this isn't op you would have to charge the move, for example if you wanted to shove someone backwards you would have to hild the right joystick forward. The longer you waited the more stamina you would burn and the stronger the effect. Additionally to make sjre you couldn't spam the abilities if you spent too little stamina the attack would be useless. Furthermore to use the ability you'd have to be stationary.

I know the developers will be adding a new class soon, but I feel these would diversify the game a little, feel free to add your thoughts so we could discuss if this is a good idea or not, or perhaps to tweak them and balance them a little if you feel it would make the game unbalanced.

: )
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