Well hello there

Hey, RBB here,

I’ve been playing about 3 weeks now, PS4. I suck at the game, but I love it. Thank you, Sloclap, for the really cool game that makes me wonder if I might actually be a masochist!


  • Hi RBB ,

    cool to have you in the community.
    The hard beginning is worth it so keep it up! In this game we can surely improve our skill thousands of hours :smiley:
  • Oh god, the grind! Nooooo....
    Got any tips on how to become more mindful of your positioning? I’m a very impatient person, lol
  • no grinding. only pvp matches. i can suggest to stick with the opponents that are better than you but dont complety crush you . try to find ways to win against them. if you do, try to win with other techniques.
    although, try to make use of every possibility like gold-linking, normal speed attacks, feinting and step cancelling, jumping ,your defensive ability ofc and all kind of attacks, this way youll get a feel for everything, wich makes it easier to be versatile + you become more unpredictable.
  • Unfortunately, I have unlocked very overall few moves atm... I’m running with Stagger, but it is taking forever to unlock the school’s katas, I’m only at about 2/3 the way done after a good six 2+Hour sessions. I’m just now starting to use both parries and feints. Sigh, I wonder if I shall ever become adept at this....
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