Language wrong for my region and 3x3 bug

Portugal and Brazil got their language changed from Portuguese(Portugal) and Portuguese(Brazil) to Spanish... in this new patch, and I was playing 3x3 matches with my friends and when we won the match the game didn't end and me and one of my friends got stuck until we found another match, we where also invisible alone in the map and both of us also didn't get any xp for the game. Thanks boys


  • Hello GutoMoNN,

    Sorry for the issue with language, we're aware of it. We'll have a patch out to resolve it soon.

    As for 3v3 issue, it would be nice to have more info on that. Could you please email (for PC) or (for PS4) with as much detail as possible? Please include your username and the time & date the issue occurred, screenshots, video, anything you think would be important.

    Thank you for bringing all these to our attention!
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