Dojo Practice Arena

I may be ringing an old bell here...

The practice arena in meditation is pretty much only good for getting used to gold-linking your combos. Otherwise, it is really not good at giving the player a sense of what their movesets really do. 2 main reasons.
A. Your fight dummy is really no better than the statues found at the beginning of the game. In fact, he’s almost worse (though that is linked to the 2nd reason). He doesn’t block, he doesn’t fight, he doesn’t react all. As a certain Witcher once said, “practicing alone only cements your mistakes.” I can’t even judge the true range of an attack I’m practicing because the dummy runs up to you once you move far enough away.
B. The lack of a visible platform makes it almost impossible to get a good feel for how your character moves when running through their kata. You are just floating there, disconnected from any real spatial awareness.

I suggest a dojo-type arena to fix the issue. Give the practice area visual boundaries. Make it look like an actual dojo. Maybe different for each school. Then, make the dummy actually fight back. It’s purpose should be to teach, not defeat, so it should try to match your tempo, only providing a slight challenge until you can consistently beat it.
When you actually join a player-made school, I think it’d be awesome for senior members to be able to watch these dojo matches and comment what could be improved. Also, that you could practice against other members.

Pretty sure I’ve read a couple similar things, but I can’t recall from which posts, kudos to those people in any case.

Great game, I’m just a terrible beginner and I really want a way to practice without constantly dying, lol.


  • Hello Redbeardblondie,

    Thanks for your suggestion about enhancing possibility for practice. You are right, we have already got some similar suggestions. We are thankful for your explanations and details. We can't promise that it will be added to the game, but it is great to read well-thought ideas, so do not hesitate to continue sharing your thoughts with the community and us.
  • To add on that a bit maybe being able to customize the dummy's deck to better practice defending against attacks that you don't run in to often or you run into too often.
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