Practice Mode: Ai and Number

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I’d like to see the ai practice mode fight back a little. Perhaps difficulty levels?

Even more so, I’d like to be able to choose to add more enemy units during practice mode. Attacks behave differently with targets around you besides your primary locked enemy. Even if they don’t fight back, but just surround me, I can practice better for when I’m attacked by a roaming squad.



  • Hey Mogget,

    Thanks for your suggestion about adding a possibility to fight with AI in practice mode. We have seen similar requests from different players. While we can't promise it will be added to the game, we would like to see more discussions about necessity of this function and your thoughts and ideas.
  • The thing about this idea, although helpful, will most likely result in players spending more time in practice mode than testing it out in the open. This happens on warframe where players spend too much time in simulations testing on AI that won't reflect as nearly the same as enemies out in the map. Offline mode would be best to test stuff out since other players won't attack you or the AI you're testing on.
  • I have to mostly agree with Mogget.
    An AI which fights back would help the player with learning to dodge and block. In my opinion, it should be a feature to toggle on and off, so you can practice would you need. And the AI shouldn't hurt the player, or let them learn the moves.

    Although I agree a little with Chaotic_mayhem as well - the common player would surely spend a lot of time in the practice... But that would only be until they figure out their moveset, since you can't get moves from the practice AI.
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