Incoming Attacks + Blocking = Jank

As the title states, blocking whilst an opponent attacks causes a few issues. Those being delayed Inputs, locking of player movement, and locking of player stance. This is due to the fact that your character will execute an action in which they position their arms while blocking. This occurs when an incoming attack is registered in range or targeting the player blocking.

The delayed inputs take effect due to the input (attack, defensive, stance change, etc.) executing the respective action after the "moving arms" animation is complete. Causing attacks that should be able to interrupt unable to. Essentially giving frame disadvantage if you are blocking before an attack hits. In addition, quicker attacks that would otherwise be caught by a defensive, end up being missed; The start up of the attack delaying the execution of the defensive while blocking. This makes responding while under pressure stiff, inconsistent, and un-intuitive. Even more so when latency and/or host advantage can extend the length of time you are stopped from executing another action.

Locking movement disallows slight positional adjustments that may prevent falling of a ledge or being pinned against a wall. Blocking already slows movement and lowers stamina regeneration. So locking movement entirely before an attack actually hits is absurd with the amount of stamina damage and blockstun/hitstun attacks deal now. If there is a span of time between attacks (especially during feints), the player blocking should be allowed to move slightly if they are outside of blockstun.

Locking of stance is caused by your "moving arms" animation keeping you facing the direction you were blocking in prior to the incoming attack (much like the blockstun animation). This makes players unable to reach a starting attack/alternate attack that the can use to counter an incoming attack while under pressure. Locking the defending player in a position where they can't escape without using an ability like EQ or Shockwave, due to being in a frametrap. This is a problem because it makes certain decks at a significant disadvantage against others if you end up being attacked while in a certain stance. Even if you have the attack in your deck and know when to use it, the game actively forces you into a stance you don't want to be in (despite not being in blockstun yet). This becomes a major issue when even a feinted attack can cause you to be stuck in this state. Meaning you are unable to change stance despite nothing actively hitting you. For example: feinting into low startup attacks can lock a player in place when they should be able to react to the feint and interrupt. The disadvantage from the "arms moving" animation preventing a stance change during the feint, allowing the opponents attack to execute before you can even swap stance and attack. when you should be able to swap stance while they feint, then counter with the other attack you have.


  • That's good information. Shines a light on the stun lock stuff going on since the Downfall.

    Especially the defense animation to attack.

    I've read plenty of complaining about Manuel dodge but without it people are getting stun lock spammed. That ain't sparring, it's cheese.
  • Yea. I really want this changed. I was wondering why even tho I SHOULD have frame advantage over someone just finishing (yet another fucking) whirlwind double punch I would still get hit. Even tho my next attack would have a fucking 11 frame startup. It’s bullshit already
  • Would like to point out this still happens in downfall, and the stances not switching still happens. Only difference is that it tends to happen more so after being hit or guarding an attacks previously.
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