You too can Parry and Strike!

Add parry and strike to your deck today to:
*Parry better than a forsaken!
*Block a full on side kick!
*Stop a front kick, powerful enough to kick down a door!
*Stop a knee to the gut, even though the parry is high, and with one arm!

In the process, you can drop the following:
*Class ability

In fact, it's probably possible to win like this while keeping your eyes closed. Seriously, this move is hilariously broken. Has anyone else run into a situation where you're forced to use two moves over and over to beat someone that turtles with parry & strike? Wouldn't this move be better if it was forced into a second position, so that it can't be abused this way? At least then it can be used in a combo, and not as a universal crutch.


  • Yes, you too can party... You can also spam it seems. As soon as they learn to counter your spam without it, it will disappear from their deck, as will your spam deck because the age of spamming is coming to an end.
  • Okay, there's about 10,000 discussions in this forum going back to Sept '17 where people complain about spam, and 100,000 conclusions from people that have played the game enough to learn it's mechanics that "spam" isn't an issue. What you think is spam are moves you don't recognize because you haven't learned to defend them using your class ability, or with combat distancing, or footwork, or patience, or blocking, etc.

    If you rely on parry & strike to get you out of every situation, then you've learned how to exploit the system, rather than play the game. If that's what you want, I hope you're in the minority, because this one move throws away so many of the game's mechanics that its almost a cheat. I had an entire fight last night that took about 5 minutes where I used the same move over and over, without bothering to even try to use any other skill, to counter the rhythmic button click my opponent was using to throw out random parry & strikes. It derails the game.
  • As an aside, my deck is mostly slow moves that require me to use my class ability and then counter. I don't have jump light kick, back trip kick, parry and strike, jab, or any other flinchy interrupt in my deck. I also know that an exchange has a flow, and you can't just be stupidly aggressive and beat someone that can actually play. If someone uses the turtle & strike "playstyle", then there's nothing to counter or play off of at all. The fight grinds to a halt, and turns into a cringe fest where you're waiting for the next turtle & strike.
  • When you parry and strike, is this meant to trigger the increased healing rate when heal power is on, and interrupt their heal when their heal power is on?
    If so, i'm not convinced it works properly in this regard. Or it does and i'm wrong.
  • The bullshit thing about Parry-Strike is that it Parries everything; if the move only parried left or right (like the ability) it wouldn't be so bad.
  • it only parrys to one site unblocks. the dumb thing about parry and strike is that the parry that even regenerates stamina is alot stronger than 1frame speed decrease, and p&s is just 1 frame slower than the other fast starters.
  • Oh, my mistake, thanks methamos. Well in that case P&S kind of sucks. I mean, if you know what they're gonna throw, and you have a properly timed Parry, why not use the real thing and have a solid punish. Timing a successful parry just to throw that weak little punch seems wasteful.
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    np :smile:

    twist parry and strike is alot of fun in my opinion. i would like to have p&s a little more like twist p&s
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