Support for developers

Hi !!! I just got the game for free and I want there to be a go fund me for the developers so I can show my appreciation for this game and the developers who created it. I'm sure I have at least a thousand other members of the community you created that feel the same way. Please get back to me or I will take matters into my own hands aquire a small fortune to distribute personally to each and everyone of you


  • Hello nicklespliff,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and willing to support us.

    We’ve created a special content pack that contains cool variants of the Forest Caller and Dancer sets, a new sword based on River Gladius, and five new emotes to strike fun poses with your friends! These items have the same stats as items already obtainable in-game and don’t offer any extra gameplay advantage. If you want to show your support and upgrade your look, please check out the Adalian Forest DLC pack when it’s available on Steam and PlayStation 4 for 2.99$/€ next week.

    We are proud to have such a responsive and supportive community!
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