Timing or Lag?

So every game I get hit by this play, and either I don't understand something about the timing involved, or i'm lagging out every time. So let me know the scoop please, because it's driving me crazy. Totally possible I just don't understand something about this interaction.

I start a quick move such as a jab or a back tripped kick,
he starts charged haymaker
i see that he's doing that, and press block
at this point in the move, it does not feint,
i hit him once, but then i also don't come out of the move blocking,
i come out of it and immediately get hit by the haymaker.

So, what am i doing wrong,? what am i supposed to do there,? is this lag,? how does the timing work with beginning to block after finishing a move,? Please explain. Thanks in advance.


  • I think it's Lag. I can't seem to get to Parry properly, it's like a half second reaction after I push the stick.
  • Forsaken and khalt defence are the worst for timing.
    I use stagger as it is easier to predict and you have a better chance to avoid, charged attacks are the worst you need to jab then forward stagger to avoid the best. Even then depending on the charge move you can fail.

    You can avoid charges better with a well timed avoid thrust attack.
  • I'm using stagger too, so I guess I will try to gold link the first move into a forward stagger.

    Thanks for your replies.
  • I've found that I can hit a Charge once and dodge away in time. But for whatever reason I can't hit then block, the charge seems to cut through. Maybe there are a few i-frames that allow the dodge to sneak out.
  • Okay, so similar strategy to what "looted" said above. Instead of trying to block in that situation, try to gold link the jab into a side dodge. Seems equally plausible, and maybe one will turn out to work slightly better than another. I certainly don't want to trade forward stagger for a haymaker, so I'll try both ways out. Thanks.
  • In Conclusion:
    I've tried these strats of linking into a class move out and i think they do potentially work, but I do still fail semi-frequently. This is almost certainly me just needing practice, admittedly, but I also see others failing non-stop on exactly the same situation.

    It does still feel to me like you should be able to come out of moves blocking, this delay after the move ends and before the block begins if you start blocking after the feint period, feels really unintuitive to me, it's like i'm hitstunning myself by doing a move. I'm still new though so there may well be a good balance related reason for this.

    Because of that blocking delay though, charge moves just seem really strong right now to me. I'm using all three in my deck presently. Charge breakers exist, but because you can begin the charge moves when you see them doing a non-charge breaker, it's easy to not get them charge-broken.
    Of course my mind may change later and I may look back and see this situation as making sense and easy to deal with.
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