Maybe add a grappling art?

edited July 2018 in Suggestions?
Are there any plans to add grappling based martial arts such as Brazilian jiujitsu, sambo, judo etc? Flying armbars would be so fun in this game :D


  • I could MAYBE see a few basic throws but complex grappling like BJJ has too many moving parts. Chokes, triangles, transitions, heel hooks, etc. etc. etc. It would be way to complicated to make work properly. I could see basic judo throws or Muay Thai sweeps making it in as Guard Breaks though. But then what do you do with a grounded opponent? Make them momentarily invincible? Have them bounce from the throw right onto their feet? ... I dunno, the more I think about it the more skeptical I am. I would say, if there's going to be grappling, it has to be standing, fast, and work as part of a sequence; I could see a kick-boxing clinch followed by a knee as plausible. But then, how would defensive abilities work? Can a Khalt Absorb a...grab? I dunno. Lots of questions on this one
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