Hard Punch Alternate

I like to play Forsaken with a Boxing deck but I cant find any suitable counter-punches for my alternate. For example, Cleave Punch is solid but for whatever reason, I can't make it my alternate. The only punches available in my Alternate attack slot are fairly weak (~100 DMG at best), so my Parry punish is just kinda meh. So my suggestion is, please add a badass Cross Punch to the game that I can assign as an alternate to my Orthodox or Southpaw fight stance. I mean, its the king of attacks but its no where in the game. Just add a plain-jane, no-nonsense, hard-AF overhand-right to the game and let me knock people out with it.


  • Hello UNCBLOCKS,

    Thanks for sharing your idea about adding some attacks as alternative ones to the game. We can't promise that it will be implemented in the game, but we are interested to know your thoughts and ideas which can make Absolver even better for you. So continue to share your feedback and thoughts and thank you for being the active member of the community.
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