New game mechanics and balancing

Hi guys, as all we now, the forsaken parry should be high risk high reward, do you think that the reaction times after parry are a bit shorts? i mean, for a low damage fast moves it's pretty ok, but for an heavy attack it's not, (that should be the high reward) after a parry an heavy attacck it's pretty much avoidable or interrupted, what do you think? anway, regarding a new game mechanics, i was thinking about another high risk high reward thing; heavy attacks, what about a little "off balance" animation (not big deal, im talking about milliseconds) if you miss an heavy attack with high damage? could be applied even to the windfall dodge skill. Anyway thanks for listening and forgive me if i've made some grammatical errors :D


  • I like your suggestion Unapippa, a few frames of being off balance is a great idea. Regarding the Parry window. I believe the punish window is a good size, but there's not very many good moves that fit into it. IMO ~150 damage is a good Parry Punish but there aren't enough Medium-Heavy moves in that damage range. I think a bigger window allowing 200+ damage is maybe too generous, especially considering its fairly easy to pull off a Parry. If anything I would say the Parry window should be smaller BUT add a 20 point damage bonus. That way we have more effective punish options. It's also slightly more realistic; real counter windows are small but the shots that get through are more damaging because the opponent is usually moving forward INTO the hit making it more damaging.
  • thanks a lot for you're feedback uncblocks, i really appriciate it!
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