Calbot slap

Is there a easy way to make the guy who teaches you the slap to spawn


  • Nope, just goto bird area run around, jump into well repeat.
  • null
    Is it better to do it offline
  • When I ran into him, I was running up and down the tower over and over again, killing mobs by shockwaving and shoving them off the ledges by the dozens (possibly reaching a hundred?). I think I was also using swords all the time (picking them up). After one of those tower runs, I exited to reset the NPCs like I did several times before and the Cal-bot was just standing there right in front of the door...

    I checked to make sure and luckily there were no other enemies around to ruin this for me!
    I turned on some gay anime music in the background, triggered his aggro and slooowly, safely farmed his calbot, taking no pointless risks.
    When he spawned, I was in Offline Mode (but not Offline!), because I was farming Dormek and Jinn Mesca before that.
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