Ballanced PVP Matchmaking

I am finding it very anoying that if you are lvl 25 you come up against bronze 55 and higher so as lower where they just hit you a couple of times and you die, then there is no new matchmaking option while you are in the 1 v 1 arena.

So you need to back out and then start again 2 loading screens further you get another opponent of broze tier and he f*** you up again. Etc.

Make a balanced tier matchmaking cause this game wil die caus of it. New players do not have any good exp if you Will keep it this way. Fail and die not by any skill they use but by pure disadvantage of the point system that is used to boost your characters power speed durability Etc.

So Absolver Team hope you read this and take this in conciderration to change this.

It makes no sence to just keep roaming for hours and hours in a small map while you need the multiplayer lvl to tier up ore kinda get the map stronger for stronger opponents. Think this is a dead end for new players that want to play the game.


  • Hello KVSGProExp,

    We’re so sorry to hear that you’ve had some trouble with the game’s matchmaking system. Our devs are constantly at work on improving various gameplay mechanics, including matchmaking, and feedback from our players is especially useful in diagnosing any potential issues that are being experienced.

    Could you please answer the following questions so that we can pass this information along to our developers for investigation?

    - How long did you have to wait in queue before being put into a match? (Was it instantly or did it take a few minutes?)
    - In which region are you located/playing from?
    - Confirm the platform you're playing the game on (Steam/GoG/PS4)

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention!
  • Hello slcp_Waterfallx

    Thank you for your reply on the isseu.

    To awnser your questions:
    - It depends sometimes it takes a couple of minutes and Some time it is in like 30 sec range.
    - I am Playing on the Europe server.
    - Ps4

    Stil it is not the waiting Time of the Matchmaking. But more the lvl difference that is not taken in the Matchmaking so a lvl 10 ore 15 can come against a tier Bronze 50. The power difference is just to much he is 100 points ahead of the poor new Guy that is trying to get there school lvl up so as the progression of the PVE Area.
    So i think a tier based Ballanced Matchmaking System would be great for this isseu.

    Kind Regards

  • Hello KVSGProExp,

    Thank you for your assistance, I’ll pass it along to the team. They will be working diligently to fix this. We’ll share new information with the community as it becomes available. We really appreciate your feedback and details!
  • So, things I've noticed are you can still level pretty fast while losing, also bronze while at 25 looks rough but it's really not that high of a level. Study them, use your defensive ability, and remember that unless you know how to use it khalt method will get you murdered. If you are using Khalt, DO NOT let them slam you, you might absorb the damage but one slip and it's all over. Windfall was the easiest for me to master, forsaken is the best but you gotta be good with it to use it to any effect, which in this game getting good usually means getting pounded into or off of the map. A proper combat deck helps, code QJ8 for hokagaes windfall school.
  • It should also be noted that players don't gain new stat points after the original level 60.
  • Orphail said:

    It should also be noted that players don't gain new stat points after the original level 60.

    exactly so even a bronze player would only have 30 more points than you, wich makes a difference of estimated
    10% more life
    5% more damage
    10% more stamina

    all in all he would need one strong or 2normal attacks LESS to kill you than the other way around.
    although you could become lvl 60 in one day to have no more technical disadvantages.

    I might have a bad view on it so, because as i started playing on pc, fighting players that where 300-2000 lvl's
    ahead was a common thing and lvl22 against lvl 110(bronze 50) seems like a luxury, wich makes me happy because
    there realy seem to be quite alot players on ps4 :smiley:
  • I have start some alts so I did not need to respect crazy often with a new deck and even at level 10 or so I found it is possible to beat the crazy high level players. The hardest part is just a good deck to be honest. Now I do agree their should at lest be a small cap for new players to be match against but with a small player base you might not get anyone at all if you limit it like that.
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