Hey sorry noobies

Hey im sly riot, this past week i finally reached 5oo in ct. Because of the new players i want to apologize for beating the snot out of you while hardly trying at all. Not much balance between high level players an noobs. None the less, havefun and fold well my friends


  • Why’d you feel the need to post this anyway
  • maybe use sry emote
  • Just wants to feel big and strong. He level 50 but I bet other 50lvl players smacking him around.
  • What? You guys clearly misunderstood me.._
  • Are you PS4 or PC? I think I recognize your name
  • Hey sly, whats you deck? If you say all fast jabs....

    I hope its a fun to play as it to beat ;p.
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    dont worry sly i havent understood it like an insult to newbies. still this post sounds awkward. "beating the snot out of you while hardly trying at all" might not be encouraging ;) even if its honest.
  • I know im late lmao
    What i meant was my decks damage out put was like 120+ at the time, and i was stagger style so anyone just picking up the game probably wouldnt have stood a chance if i had played with my feet,
    Im happy to say some of those newbs have trained hard and have beatin the snot out of me in later matches. I never meant to sound cocky or ignorant, i just believe in some civility amongst warriors. Its MARTIAL ARTS guys come on lol
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    Yo I'm PS4 on Absolver my psn is darkisthesoul just finished my Pure Faejin hands Deck and am farming sword moves now anybody want to join me for private matches, 3v3 or Downfall add me I need to farm Arcell anyway. That's going to be a little tricky
  • When 500 ct is not a noob. Kkkkkkkkkk lol. I see people at around that level and think "well, it's either a smurf or a noob"

    I would like to note that the only imbalance is between players with sub-prestige, everything past that is all skill and strategy.
  • that was 3 month ago
  • Sounds like you're three months late m8. That was still a noob three months ago too :/ Copper tier has been noob central basically since a month after prestige existed.
  • might be but a 500 ct will have no problems against each other below 100 wich was what he ment i think. and even so i dont know it he could be over 3000 now after 3 month. i saw people climb faster than that
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