I feel like adding another fighting style similar to Neji's gentle fist from Naruto would be pretty cool just putting this out there.


  • Greetings imniiiko,

    You've given a pretty cool idea, so thank you! I can't promise that they'll be implemented, but I'll be sharing your idea to the team. We do want to make sure we review all player feedback and suggestions to stay focused on adding/change things to the game that the community wants.

    Thanks again for your support! :smile:
  • Honestly, this is my favorite suggestion besides possibly adding throws (like in aikido), bo staffs, and maybe even tonfas. Thank you for bringing that up imniiko.
  • I hope the animations could include some magic and glowing. I personally like combat mid-air and off-the wall.
  • Oh, about drunken fighers, i hope you can add some D.o.t effective attacks that poison or confuse opponents, maybe dissorient, i think to be fair one could use a shard to enhance or take a drink that adds one random modifyer for non-combat and also one that yields powers to attacks + defenses, i noticed that the school gets a heal ability but its description is much too simular to the normal heal found in other styles, maybe if these abilities and magics had a preview access with sound in the future, the character creation screen also has the same problem.
  • Ah, and the drunken figher/school could get instruments such as flute and large drums [taiko, earth, stone,wood] that could be used to play and inmerse and communicate as well as combat. Maybe something like a level 2 reward could be the flute accesed through emote since its already an actual attack, then other advanced students get larger instruments and wines with powerful new abilities and tools.
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    Gentle fists should deal damage from farther away with teleportations attacking the players/opponents shards and defenses; mobility through location, i dont know the weapons one would use other than magic and strenght, but i think more of users using pets and tools, so maybe we can give the gentle fists a ball, but thats more of a drunken school thing, so how about magical orbs that defend the player like shields, but could also be used to strike and attacking levitation?
    They can made from alloys and magnets; or have motors and jewels in later versions that vibrate and ofend them, bluetech, spiking at weakpoints, like the byakugan, the height unlocks reality allowing one to dive faster, the school could be developed around powerful breathing, voicing, vibrations and aquatic animals for attacks and movements, the school of fish. tornado kicks, abyss, sharks, unhuman creatures & teachers, and aquaticlore for the lakes and seas of absolver, like an new animal style.
  • Wow, that escalated quickly.... Why so psychic? And this threads title is really bad. Great thread though. 100% amazing ideas
  • seryph420 said:

    Wow, that escalated quickly.... Why so psychic? And this threads title is really bad. Great thread though. 100% amazing ideas

    dint want to copyright infringe - also being alittle more original with my own ideas
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