Some basic things for a better future, for this great game

Hey! I'm a new player, with the free ps plus, and so far I really, really loved the game. But I see some issues, low player base, and it makes me worried about the game. I don't know about how's the game or company going neither I have exp on business, but here some basic suggestions that I found troublesome:

Interface and more in-depth tutorial. I got the handle on the game, but got to say that it is complicated. Could have some textboxes or something telling me how to properly organize a deck, how a school works, etcs (Also please make the queues for 1x1 and 3x3 continue if you exit the altar)

Better define when attack connects, argh had a troublesome 1x1, lovely of course but it had a chance factor of a attack hitting or not, sometimes my elbow traveled to my enemy face but didn't hit for 1cm while other times it did and vice-versa

Make a more understandable map (or define marked minibosses respawn time): I still didn't find the miniboss on the tower that makes you Absolver, found a player battling it, he killed it with my assistance, unlocked the door on the coliseum but he didn't clear for me, kept going back and forward to the boss location and it didn't furdging appear, don't know if it's bugged, or I have to wait 6hrs for him to respawn, or if I need a level, neither on how to get to the 3rd map zone, argh I love the more realistic approach on this but it sure hell could use some basic guidance, at least a North direction when the map shows up at the altars

I think that's it, like I said I loved this game, since I saw it pre-release, but ended up forgetting it, but heyey it's for free now, and now i'll dedicate myself to the game. But the problem is, i'm afraid of how many support the game's receiving, but I hope for the best on this game, art's wonderful as it is the combat and personalizations, wish you the best <3


  • Hello sha_Satsujin,

    Thank you for your feedback! I'm passing along your suggestions to the dev team. We can't promise they will be implemented in the game, but we'll consider them while working on future updates.

    We are constantly working on improving the game. Our last production update you can find here. Also, we'll give more info about it during this month, so keep an eye on our news.
  • How about some jumping for gods sake.... jumping!
    8 bit mario figured out how to jump y can't my Absolver?
  • GROFF83
    This really isn’t a platforming game, and the levels are not set up for anything like parkour. Jumping really isn’t needed. I wanted it at first, as well. But I’ve come to realize that was just my inner Dragonborn/Assassin talking. This is far and away a martial arts simulator.
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