Mini DLC‘s / Supporting Absolver

Greetings from Germany,

I really love the possibility to support a Game i like, if it helps to make the Game growing and improving :)
So i was thinking about „Mini DLC‘s“ ( 5€, 10€, 15€)
Where you get some Mask-Packs, Haircut-Packs, Tattoo-Packs, New Arena-Map-Packs ... or maybe if Housing (Building a School-Dojo/Temple) get‘s a Thing in the Future, there you can buy Decorations.

Just thinked about it...please dont hate me, cuz i like to throw Money for Games i love


  • Hey Trainer_jk,

    Thank you for your kind feedback and willing to support the Game. I'm passing along your suggestion about paid "Mini DLC‘s" to the dev team. We can't promise that such an option will be added to the game, but we are interested in discussing it by Absolver community. Also, any other thoughts and ideas are welcomed. Thanks again, Trainer_jk!
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