An idea for the School and Mentor system

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Ok with the School system I seen other people throw the idea that maybe the school can get like a training area/Dojo place where they can train, hang out and other things. Maybe along with that, you guys could also expand on it. Having School rumbles? 3v3,4v4 or maybe even 5v5 fights between school to show which school is better. The dojo would have the School's banner and such hanging around it, but also maybe like you have now with the weapons for schools, you can have it where they also get a cool special piece of armor or a mask to show their loyalty, along with actual ranks within the schools. From a Simple student(Or Initiate) to Veteran( Or Apprentice) With each tier unlocking special perks for them. Maybe rank xxx allows you to change parts of the deck from whatever your master has unlocked (Limited of course or maybe each rank give you more freedom to change it up). Along with that maybe the Mentor unlocks unique rewards that correspond to the number of students he has. Like at this amount he gets to pick a weapon, this number unlocks a move and the last a mask.
Now, this is a crazy idea but I want to throw it out there. Maybe Lone wolves(Players with no schools) Or an even single member of other schools. Can hunt down members from schools(Starting from the lowest going to the highest) and (After beating a x amount of the rank moves to the next) Working his way to the Mentor. I was thinking once he reaches that part. There would be a small cutscene or something of the like of the person walking into the School's dojo. All the students are there, They know this person been taking out member left and right and now he here for the Mentor himself. It would show the Mentor(This could be a customizable intro for the master like in 1v1) He would either push through the crowd and stand ready to face this person who is hunting his students or( And I like this one) The mentor on a balcony looking down at the challenger and drops down landing crouch before standing and getting in his stance. Now if the Challenger wins they get the options to either Take the Mentor's Weapon, Unique move or even their mask. It could even lead into a revenge system if you guys wanted?

Well that was my idea on this and I hope you guys read it and give your input on it. Maybe other can expand or improve the idea.


  • Hey MadDKing16,

    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us! Although we are working on school updates, it is interesting to know your thoughts and vision on that too. We can't promise that your ideas will be implemented in the game, but it is important for us to know your feedback and thoughts about the game, so continue sharing them with us and community!
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