The good news and the bad.

[The Good News]
The good news is Im really happy and excited for the huge wave of new players to the game. So many players log on the “launch” of absolver that the servers crash which at first made upset but knowing that, That many people started playing was amazing. Watching the streams here and there on my breaks from work. which btw a ton of them even now. I would catch a few players praising the game of how fun it is. Great idea putting it on psn gold for free on a good summer month. I really hope the player base increases and more people will play and support the game like i have and will.

[The Bad]
Here we go, with more players coming to the game it opens itself to some Toxicity. Like roaming duos of gankers and probably people just looking to beat up newer players. I haven’t experienced it personally but being on the reddit it’s a complaint. I don’t mind the friendly fire and free roam pvping can be fun but it’s very one sided having two people gang up on a prospect with no way of him/her self to defend themself or even call for back up.

I suggest letting a fourth player enter the free roam area or let a group of two run into another group of two. and whenever three people are in a party they escentally are in a free roam area we have now.

Hearing stories of people getting ganked while they are helpless and alone just rubs me the wrong way. So thats my suggestion on that.

Another problem is the match making. It’s fun to fight new people but none of them currently stand a chance to a vet of any caliber yet they honorably give CT a try. A Ranked CT would be awesome rn.

I know you guys are working hard so like always keep at it.


  • Hey NationwideBoxing,

    Thanks for your feedback and your suggestions! We can't promise that they will be added to the game, but we appreciate that you care about other players and fairness. We'll be glad to see more thoughts and ideas coming from you!
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