Red crystals system

One way to introduce some sort of scoring, without splitting the community ( in to only ranked or only normal players) would be to have "red crystals". If you win you gain red crystals if you lose you lose red crystals. If you lose versues someone who has more red crystals you lose less red crystals, then normal. If you you win versues someone who has a lot of red crystals you gain more red crystals, then normal. Red crystals convert to normal crystals after a month(can be any time period) and players get set back to the base red crystals ammount. Red crystals start to decay if you play with out red crystals (Aka if you chose to play without red crystals, they will decay so you don't get free normal crystals for not playing. Also will make players come back to the game so they don't start losing there red crystals). Before you start cts you can chose to play with red crystals. If you choes not to you don't lose or gain red crystals. Add a tab, just like school ranks, but for red crystals ammount. To see who has the most red crystals.

Extra ideas:

- Players could have red crystals icon next to their names, in cts, to let the other player know that they mean business now.
- After you unlock a certain amount of red crystals, you gain red crystals reserves. That you can't drop below set amount of red crystals, if you have gotten to a certain point. You can only drop with losses not with decays. This is so the system feels less punishing and that players have a cernet gole to get to.


  • Hey kris,

    Thanks for bringing us new ideas of scoring with "red crystals". Though we can't promise it will be implemented in the game we appreciate your fresh game-related ideas. Feel free to continue sharing your thoughts with us and community!
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