Painted Masks

I think it would be a good idea if as you leveled up certain skills you unlocked decals and/or patterns that you can overlay on your masks. Just a pattern that can be colored and placed on top of a mask. You would start with only the one from your starting style and new ones could also be purchased in the essence shop as well as through progression. The designs could also be stacked to create intricate patterns as the more you level up your attributes and deck, the more complex the patterns grow.

Maybe they provide small bonuses to your stats, depending on the pattern. The lore could be that the designs act as rudimentary incantations.


  • Whoops, that forsaken one was supposed to say "strength".
  • Hi Des_Noirs,

    Thanks for your idea about decals/patterns for the masks and great illustrations for that. I have passed it along to the dev team. Please keep in mind that we can't promise that it will be implemented in the game, though we really appreciate your suggestions about the game. So you are welcome to share any game related feedback, ideas and thoughts.
  • Like runes from bloodybornes
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