PVE Chanbara mode / Endless Dungeon

I'm a new player on the PS4 and have really been digging Absolver so far. Kudos to Sloclap and Devolver Digital for creating such a unique and fun take on the fighting genre!

Unfortunately, the endgame focus on PvP is making my enthusiasm wane, and I have found myself re-exploring the world looking for new ways to experience the game. One of the activities I've come to enjoy is planning routes through each of the game areas to "run the gauntlet" and see how far I can go on a single life. One of my favorite areas in which to enjoy this activity is the Essence Reserves in the Tower of Adal, since the enemies in that area tend to have more punishing attacks, and the threat of being knocked to my death adds to the challenge and suspense of making it to the top using only one life. The side benefit of this activity is that I will frequently run into opponents with one or two attacks I have not yet unlocked, who I can focus on fighting to help me unlock new cards.

A gauntlet mode (one-versus-many), would be a great addition to Absolver, as it could be made entirely with pre-existing assets. The Tower level could serve as the "gauntlet" environment, and the player would need to proceed from the bottom to the top (or vice-versa), defeating 100 (or some other pre-determined number) enemies along the way. The existing game bosses could appear in the enemy lineup as the player progresses through the environment. Perhaps completing the gauntlet would reward special rare gear, or consumables. One of my old favorite PlayStation fighting games, Bushido Blade, featured "Shash" mode, which is similar to what I'm describing (). The player has one life and needs to defeat a large number of enemies in a small environment to gain a reward at the end. A PvE mode of this nature would potentially be a low-impact addition to the game, since it could re-use an existing level layout and enemies, and require no additional network code. Most of the work would require isolating the environment for the new mode, along with menus, enemy placement, some minor HUD elements (enemy counter / timer), and rewards for completion.

From the May Production Update post, it looks like more PvE content is on the horizon, so I can only speculate as to what that would included, but hoping something along the lines of what I've described is possible at some point down the road.

Thanks for reading, and keep up the great work!


  • Hey PaleGoat,

    Thanks for Kudos, feedback and suggestion to add gauntlet mode. Your idea sounds interesting, though we can't promise to implement it in the game. We are happy to read your feedback and thoughts, so continue to share them.

    As for new PvE content, we are going to share more information in July, so stay tuned!
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