this game has potential. 1st thing is i love martial arts and practise 2 so i would love to see more in depth karate moves (yes i know you have miwashi gari and tobi gari in there atleast) if you study high level karate kata's then you will see so many more interesting moves (i dont know all the names) like jumps throws and elbows. also i would love to see block moves in the game aswell being able to chain blocks and counters instead of alt attacks i would do that. Same can be said about swords, take some kendo and Iado moves such as heuria-men (BUTCHERED THAT SPELLING XD) to give it a more interesting feel when sparring.

Story aswell. it is not clear as to what the f*ck we are doing in absolver and this NEEDS to be addressed as lore is the only things that keeps me going in games. Social space as well so we can actually find people. More map but i heard that is coming also PvE aswell. I feel like lowering the cost of the game would get people on board because i payed £12 and i think its worth it not £24 like the normal sale price is - it will get you a higher profit overall

well that was a complete f*ckup of all the things i wanna see in the future tell me if yall agree
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