Powers activated through certain combos

Maybe there could be a new subset of small, in-combat abilities that you can select (maybe like 3 per deck or something) and assign to be activated whenever a certain combo of general attacks is pulled off.
For example: you can assign a punch, kick, punch combo to activate an ability that makes your next punch deal double damage.
You could maybe assign it to specific attacks, but I feel like having the combo be based off of categories (like punch) rather than specific attacks (like mill punch) allows for some more adaptability in the middle of a fight.

The idea is that powers atm dont feel like they flow with the combat. Health or defense buffs are activated out of combat, earthquake or silence disrupt combat, etc. This way, you can keep the buffs and disruptors, but there can also be 3 in-combat abilities that flow with the movement of the deck, are personalized to each player, and have a smaller but still meaningful effect on gameplay.

Not sure if I explained it right, if anything's unclear I can help make more sense of it (hopefully lol).


  • Hey Smaye,

    Thank you for the explanation of your idea about adding new in-combat abilities. We can't promise adding such abilities to the game, but we are interested in discussing of such possibility, so feel free to share your thoughts.
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