A plea to sloclap

I am going to take a long break from this game. Before I go I would like to thank the sloclap team for making this awesome game, it truly is unique. I do have a few suggestions and I hope these are taken seriously.
1. Free stamina from feinting and manual dodges needs to be addressed (i call it free because these maneuvers take you out of combat thus refreshing your stamina rate quicker than being in combat)
2. Toggle ban system for when you are sick of fighting the same person for hours on end
3. Easier way to earn essence shards as it stands you have to pvp quite a bit just for a rift coin that gives you the same stuff you already had over and over
4. Fix the corrupt save file bug which is a big reason why im taking a break.. nothing sucks like having a 600 hour character suddenly deleted all the items and all the CT's you earned are gone.
5. Meaningful balance changes, looking at Kahlt and Forsaken especially but also windfall because it still is in a bad spot.. for once stagger is fine
5a. Forsaken is still strong but the window for a parry is short and recovery is atrocious.. least forgiving of all the styles.. Kahlt gets bonus frames for successful absorb? recovery is fast allowing players to double absorb then confirm any jab, or strafe from these successes.
6. Try to cross platform because pc players playing pc players sometimes doesnt net the competitive nature of the game and maybe then we can get to 7
7. Match Making based on account wide stats.. wins and losses a ranking system that pits players against likely matched opponents
8. Risk and Reward system for essence gains.. due to skill mismatches could be based on 7 but also on character prestige as well, ie: Higher skilled players should not be just given free essences because they beat the dog snot out of a new player

I am grateful for the time I spent in this game, though I am not too happy about the .sav file business and I hope the new PVE content coming out will bring in fresh players. I wish this game many successes and I hope to one day come back to a more fair environment.


  • Hello R3kk3N,

    We regret that some game issues is making you take a break. Thank you for being the active participant of Absolver community and the summary of suggestions for game improvements. I'm passing along your feedback to the dev team so that they can consider it while working on future updates. We can't promise that any of your suggestions will be implemented in the game, but we'll be working diligently to make the game better.

    Hope you'll return to the game soon.
  • pssst im back dont tell anyone nice job with the downfall
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