My idea it's that you can create a room that at least 8 players can enter. The idea is simple, 2 guys fight while every one in the room can watch and wait for is turn to fight, the winner keeps fighting. I had Manny great moments whit friends, in other fighting games thanks to this.
The game became alot more social because u can enjoy the time in absolver alot more whit ur group of friends, instead of you beeing in a group chat of 8 peaple and you just ear them comment the fights, be ames boring specially if it's groups of 3/5 friends.


  • I actually really like this; sounds like a lot of fun. But what if I dont have any friends? :'(
  • Hey Vital,

    Thanks for your feedback and your vision how to make the game more fun and social adding rooms for mini-tournaments and possibility to watch it for participants. We understand and share your approach but can't promise you that it will be implemented in the game this or another way. In any case, we are glad to read about your exciting ideas, so you are welcome to continue sharing them with the community.
  • would be cool :)
  • This sounds like the Battle Lounge in Street Fighter V, which is really cool, newbie-friendly aspect of PVP in Street Fighter. Have met lots of friendly players in that mode. The great thing about Battle Lounge is that you can select combat tier (Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.), so that you're able to compete with similarly ranked players. Something like this could really improve the Absolver PVP experience.
  • y i think that mode would be really fun, maybe with an option fot tournament mode like in tekken 7
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