Tournaments and Ranking

I think its allready time for we to have a rank system in absolver intsead of just prestige, it would make the game more competitive in a good way.
But more important is the tournaments, we need official tournaments in this game because its a deeply pvp game that u dont have mutch to do besides trying to get better and fighting stronger opponents, sooo i really believe that official tournaments are a need for this community and to bring new players and the older ones happy.
Players really want it and the proff its that players have been doing alot of private ones.
keep up whit the good work :smile:


  • Hey Vital,

    Thank you for your feedback and suggestions about a rank system and official tournaments. Currently, we are focused on what is stated in the May Production Upade, as for tournaments we’re currently relying on community initiatives at this stage. We'll keep in mind your suggestions, but we can't promise implementation of your ideas. Thanks for sharing and continue to do that!
  • yeah we should organize more tournaments.
  • Personally, until the classes are balanced, I don't think ranked is a good thing. Every single win in a tournament is going to be khalt or forsaken, and ranked will be severely tilted, too.
  • Insight,
    I believe the game is really balanced right now, not perfect but really good.(better then must games)
    Peaple will allways complain about some class so if we think like you we will maybe take 5years our maybe never to have tournaments here??
    We get tournaments our ranked you and players that don't want simply don't participate and every one is happy
  • Why not just have tournaments for specific styles then? Forsaken players only, or Kahlt or... you got the idea.
  • i think its to intiresting to leave out combat style clashes and we dont have enough players for good style only tournaments id say.
    i think there are enough good windfall players that we will see some of them at the top at tournaments. im not sure about stagger so. i dont know any specific stagger player that could beet the top tier players.
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