A suggestion to make Absolvers combat deeper

I play quite a lot of high skill pvp games, some of my favorite are games like Blade Symphony and Chivalry Medieval Warfare. I've been following Absolver since the Alpha, and I was really excited about it, and when I finally played it, I was pretty disappointed. I think the core issue I have with Absolver is the fact that the game forces you to lock onto your opponents, and worse, attacks are magnetic. As in attacks will auto guide themselves towards their target. In Dark souls 2 for example, though lockon was there, you could decide to fight without. And though it was more difficult at first, with enough skill you would actually be a better player without it than with it. Because you had direct control over where your attacks went. The other problem with attacks being magnetic, is that not only does it make actually aiming your attacks almost nonexistent. It also strips away the possibility for another layer depth in the combat. Because with attacks no longer being magnetic, and with tight well made hitboxes. A player could avoid attacks with pure footwork, players could get so good at reading another players movement, that they could avoid attacks only inches away from their body.

Simply put, combat in Absolver would very different and would feel very different if there was no forced lock on and if magnetism on attacks were removed. I also think a change like this could make the game potentially more fun to play and could perhaps breath some new life back into the game.


  • Interesting but that change would require aloooooooot of balancing again. Imo that change wouldnt make that much sense since good trained fighters will track down normal movement easily. The thing about sidedodging is to get as much space between you and the attack in a very short time in wich the opponent cant react and redirect.

    On the other hand getting out of range with running is possible aaand already quite often ustilized in Absolver.
    To get more depths into Absolver i would suggest to give more knockback (for space not for time) to several attacks
    so players have to care about their range much more often. As it is now, you only have to care about range while building your deck (dont get a short one after a hard knockback) and right before you, or your opponent, is beginning a combo.
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